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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

What is a pre-wedding session?

A pre-wedding session is often referred as engagement session but with wedding dresses.

Like the name suggests, it is a photoshoot done 3~6 months prior to the wedding day.

The reason for pre-wedding is…

Vancouver is known for its unpredictable weather.

We could have up to 4 different seasons in a day even during summer!

However, a pre-wedding session could be rescheduled, but it would be a hectic challenge to reschedule a wedding day. Also, on a wedding day, you will not be able to concentrate on shooting because you are surrounded by many families and friends.

It is also rare to schedule a photo session on wedding day during golden hour.

In conclusion, you would have the highest quality photos with less amount of stress on the pre wedding day compared to the wedding day. Some would even consider conceptualizing their shoot with themes. We strongly recommend Wedding Story’s pre-wedding services in the best weather, the theme and place you want. You'll be most satisfied.

Yaletown-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

The origin of pre-wedding is…

To our understanding, pre-wedding is introduced in Asia, usually taken inside a photo studio with full-on wedding attires.

The couple would then go on a full-day shoot and go through many style changes and location changes. The photos will be then used towards invitation designs, wedding RSVP websites and reception canvas display.

Vancouver Art Gallery-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

Modern day pre-wedding…

Nowadays modern day pre-wedding is outdoor and the style varies from fashion, film, studio, outdoor, candid, and dreamy. Most people would choose 2 locations in a day for the shoot.

The wedding gown, tux, hair & make-up style as well as props (including veils, fun display signs, and accessories) are usually provided by the photography studio as part of the package.

Brides would usually be presented with plenty of different dress selections ranging from white to color. It is highly recommended to choose a different style than the one bride would be wearing on the actual wedding day.

Bride’s make up & hair would also be slightly more adventurous/heavier comparing to the wedding day make up & hair which would be more natural & beauty focused. Our Pre-Wedding package includes photography, wedding dress, tuxedo, and hair and make-up.

Wedding Story also have a make-up room, a dress change room, a dress showroom, a photo studio, and you will be comfortable with one-stop service here.

Bear Creek-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

Rocky Point-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

Waterfront Stn-Photographed by Wedding Story

So what do you wear on a pre-wedding shoot?

You will buy or rent a wedding dress for your wedding day, and you will not want to show your fiance your dress until the wedding day.

So what do you wear on a pre-wedding shoot?

No problem! Wedding Story offer a completely different wedding dress than actual wedding day. You can create a completely different atmosphere from actual wedding day.

Gastown-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

Sunset Beach-Photographed by John Paik at Wedding Story

All photography, wedding dresses, tuxedos, hair & make-up by Wedding Story

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